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Best Rates

We guarantee our clients with the best logistics rates and options to send their parcels. We have teamed up with the best logistics companies in the UK.


OES can provide you with Same Day delivery our partnership with Gopher; we can deliver by bicycle, motor bike and van providing you with the fastest way to deliver your parcels within London.


OES has always been focused on Trust with its clients to provide them passionate customer services and solutions.

We Speak your Language:

With our multiple offices worldwide. OES has its roots in national and international logistics; however, we have a

very diverse international team that can help you in communicate with you the best way possible.

We understand your needs when it comes to send a parcel, we know how difficult it is to track and contact your provider when you need to. OES provides full tracking options and an online 24/7 chat to answer your requests as soon as possible.

OES can help you to import the goods that you need from anywhere in the world and customs clear them so you can have peace of mind in getting your parcels.


Our services


  • Login into your own e-logistics platform.
  • Obtain reports and tracking from all your existing and new shipments.
  • Import your items in our packing list section and get a faster response on your deliveries.
  • Import buyer details in seconds to create your own CRM.
  • OES will synchronize your platform with eBay to automatically create a label to dispatch your parcels.
  • You will be able to edit, remove and generate new orders and promotions to your existing clients.

Pick and Pack

When you entrust your brand to us, your standards are ours. That’s why everything we ship is well presented and suitably packaged. We’ll help you meet your environmental commitments by using recyclable materials. And we’ll keep your brand front and centre with branded packaging and marketing inserts.

With OES, UK and worldwide orders placed on your platform before 1pm are picked, packed and shipped that day. Shipments after 1pm will be collected the next day before 12am.


OES treat your deliveries very seriously. Everything we receive is cross-checked against your quantities uploaded in your e-logistics platform and visually checked for damage. If there is a problem, you will know about it quickly.

Your storage grows with your business, so you only pay for what you use. That means, from a single pallet to the largest volumes, your storage overheads never outpace performance.


Send us your stock, or we can arrange pickup. Upload your stock file to your e-logistics platform, let us know whether to expect pallets or cartons, and we’ll do the rest. We will deliver your products immediately as requested using the best possible option focusing on your requirements (time of delivery or price) so you can focus on the most important task of getting sales.

Oes Mobile Version

Our Customer service, more often than not, is the backbone of any industry. we are striving to build long-term relationships with our customers and gain their loyalty, that is why we have considered shifting from product-oriented strategy to customer-focused one. At OES we have a 24/7 tracking and chat online to support all the needs that our clients might request.

Our e-logistics software can also help our clients to keep track of their previous and current shipments as a way to have more control on the history of their deliveries. We understand our customers need to have control over their logistics and access to their own free of charge logistics platform.

Help us to be the Best Logistic Service

With our services, compiling and analysing multilingual and multi-regional freight invoices under a single system, will uncover global patterns and insights, allowing for superior logistics business decision making

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